Promoting Your Business

Nothing builds your business like word of mouth-referrals from happy customers, or being able to target and reach the best prospective customers for your business.  What have you done today to connect with a new life-long customer?

This section will provide you with tools understand how to effectively grow your customer base and build your business.

Typical Advertising Strategies and Tracking Results

Marketing Smart Tips – 9 Ways to do More with Less
Press Releases – Cost effective ways to earn media attention and gain public attention
Television, Radio & Print Ads – Strategically blanketing a market area with your message
Internet – Having a web presence, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Cross Promotions – Maximizing your outreach through other businesses
Promotional Products (i.e. USB Flashdrive giveaway)
Reverse Marketing – Getting your targeted customer base to respond and buy
Direct Mail – How to write a message that stands out and generates business for you.
Logos, Business Cards & Stationary – Learn about creative ways to brand your message and increase sales
Brochures – Construct powerful brochures that motivate customers into action.
Fliers – Inexpensive and easy ways to advertise your business to a specific customer base.

Networking and Referral Based Marketing

How to get business through Networking
How to get business through Referrals

Using Social Media to Reach New and Existing Customers (Social Networking)

Facebook – The largest and fastest growing free service for reaching targeted demographics
Twitter – Live on-the-fly updates in 140 characters or less
Google Buzz – The new kid on the block, this platform seeks to compete with Facebook
Linked-In – The premiere business networking social media platform
YouTube – The premiere video-based socual media platform
Foursquare – A location based social networking platform where you can check in at different venues and earn points
My Space

Using Blogging to Build Relationships & Customer Loyalty

Blogging– Use one of the free platforms and connect with your customers and prospects in an effective manner

Using Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) to Improve Internet Search Ranking

More SEO Articles– a collection of articles that helps you understand more about how to get the most out of your website ranking