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California's Premier Small Business Association

CalSmallBiz was recently formed to improve business for California small businesses by attracting more customers to our members, providing ongoing member benefits including free social media tutorials & support, and working on political reforms that promote the well-being of California small businesses.

CalSmallBiz  offers small businesses the opportunity to have all this, plus a big voice in government, for a low monthly membership of just $9.95.

We are an aggressive business association that works exclusively to represent the interests of California small businesses!  Partner with us as we build the largest and most powerful small business advocacy group to take back California and restore a business friendly climate once again.

Join today and gain access to online educational tools, useful information, updates about pending legislation.  Together, we can do many things to help your business now, and in the future.

CalSmallBiz cares about every small business in California.  The concept is simple: offer an opportunity for small businesses to have a big voice, for the cost that's next to nothing.

For less than $120 per year, CalSmallBiz provides its small business member with education, information, legislative awareness and representation.

Do something today that will help your business now and in the future.  Join CalSmallbiz!

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CalSmallBiz California's Premier Small Business Association
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