Unique Advertising Strategies and Tracking Results

  • Marketing Smart Tips – 9 Ways to do More with Less
  • Press Releases – Cost effective ways to earn media attention and gain public attention
  • Television, Radio & Print Ads – Strategically blanketing a market area with your message
  • Internet – Having a web presence, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Cross Promotions – Maximizing your outreach through other businesses
  • Promotional Products (i.e. USB Flashdrive giveaway)
  • Reverse Marketing – Getting your targeted customer base to respond and buy
  • Direct Mail – How to write a message that stands out and generates business for you
  • Logos, Business Cards & Stationary – Learn about creative ways to brand your message and increase sales
  • Brochures – Construct powerful brochures that motivate customers into action
  • Fliers – Inexpensive and easy ways to advertise your business to a specific customer base

Other Member Benefits
Business Development & Educational Tutorials
Advocacy & Government Consulting
Promotions & Advertising
Legal Services & Materials
Great Discounts for Members
Merchant Services
Using Social Media to Reach New and Existing Customers (Social Networking)
Networking and Referral Based Marketing
Using Blogging to Build Relationships & Customer Loyalty
Using Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) to Improve Internet Search Ranking